Why candid photography is being part of the wedding?

Before we discuss candid photography for the wedding. First, we know what candid photography is? There is no particular definition for candid photography. It is better to say that a photo is captured exactly as it seems without offering any preparation or manipulation. Candid photos show how things are in real posture and there is actual emotion behind each raw image. It is perhaps the most natural style of storytelling. It is not exaggerated that not to say all photos tell a story. It is tricky for a photographer to snap a candid photo.

Wedding photography and its relevance

Weddings are always considered a very special moment for a lifetime.  Families intact all their choices and wishes that make matters. Photography and videography are considered integral parts of wedding ceremonies that can’t be undone by any means. Wedding photographs are the only way to memorize special events forever. The moments snapped on a special day are always very special moments. Family members, relatives when busy doing some chores or chit-chatting with each other’s; they don’t concern much about their poses. After the ceremony is over when they see their photos they could recall the moments at which time the picture was taken. Those photos take them to throwback and become nostalgic.

Co-existence of traditional and candid wedding photography

In an Indian wedding, traditional photography is common and is still in trend. But candid photography has now become popular among couples and their families. Professional photographers can take photos randomly without letting the person know about it. The photographers keep moving with the person without giving any direction and snap it spontaneously. In very few cases it may happen that the photographer has to provide alerts to get artistic pictures.

Traditional wedding photography

In traditional wedding photography which is common for a long time. The photographers prepare with their camera and light; they take the photo from time to time at the wedding, give you direction, and suggest some poses. They always give you instructions and alert you before every click. Even he directs you how to pose, where to pose, how close to stand. You can say it is more formal in approach. The whole ceremony is captured under the instructions of photographers. The natural poses are missing, just imagine you have to smile as per the direction of the photographer and you have to do it purposely as you are asked to do so.  

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is livelier because it is capturing when you are engaged most in doing something like chit-chatting, smiling, eating, etc. You are not aware that your picture is going to be clicked. Actual feelings and emotions are brought out through the candid picture.

In candid photos, couples are not framed in a traditional way. It mainly focuses on a more creative way through an absolute new posture. The photographers add some lighting effect to click it in a totally unique way.

What differs between a candid wedding photographer and a traditional photographer?

Both the photographers may use similar equipment but the actual difference in their approach and technique. His views are different on the subject matter than a traditional photographer. The usage of natural light or flashlight will be different. They use colors in different ways. They do post-processing of images in different ways.

New trends

When it comes to photography for weddings it should be up there on the priority as couples are now looking for candid photography with posed images in a way that tells a story. The story that they can show to their friends and family, something they will have and can treasure forever. Taking candid photos of a wedding allows photographers to capture the authentic emotions of the couple and their guests. If you want to hire a professional photographer to snap images that are really praised by everyone, contact Pixocrop, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

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