Product Photography


Nowadays fashion is a new passion. So Pixrop provides new technology fashion photography in Kolkata to give a professional look. People for various reasons such as response portrait, wedding portrait, high school senior portrait, child portrait, social media profile portrait, passport photo, business card portrait, resume and professional information document, party portrait, artistic publication, articles for enhancing articles, and various reasons. Want photography books etc. A professional portrait photographer can help with photography books. The main purpose of portrait photography is to capture the essence of the subject. Different people have different strategies to do this, one of which draws attention to the fact that when a picture wants to smile and then they will take another couple while recovering, take a good portrait. This is usually achieved through some combination of field, composition, color, and shallow depth of light. A client should be able to look at a good portrait and learn something about them. The best class of professional portrait artists can tell the whole story in a single image. Portrait is an art through which a person’s other artistic representation is dominated by the face and its expression. A portrait often shows a person directly to a painter or photographer to connect the subject with the viewer with the greatest success. Pixocrop provides excellent, efficient photographs of people and families. We Proficient in creating photography of an individual or group to capture the personality of the subject using light, background, and posing. Professional portrait photography is an art and there are very few people in the city who meet the expectations of clients. We provide both in-studio and in-environment photo shoot options. Our team of creative professional portrait photographers help to correct the posture and attire which will help in better frame.