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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget in an Indian city?

Planning your wedding is usually with its accompanying festivities. Every couple has a dream to enjoy a special day full of gaiety and grandeur. But, there is no average cost for a wedding. It depends upon your budget. Proper planning for a wedding on a budget not only finds ways to save money without sacrificing your wish but also keeps track of your spending and can plan accordingly. You might think about how you make a plan for a wedding on a budget. To execute a budget wedding, you need to follow over every facet of your wedding expenses because a delightful décor, glorious wedding dress, hiring a famous catering service, branded photography and gifts come with a hefty price tag.

Here are some ideas on planning your wedding on a budget.

Set your budget in details

Planning a budget is important for a wedding. You start it before 6 months and you can divide it up based on how much a specific section costs and how you prioritize these sections of your wedding.  You can figure out where you can save if you decide to spend your money in other segments. If you have a little time in hand or cannot find a vendor as per your budget then you can consult with a wedding planner. They can help you save money in ways and divvy up your total budget. They connect you with specific vendors that are within your desired budget.

Be upfront with wedding vendors

If you directly connect with wedding vendors then don’t feel hesitant while talking about your wedding budget. You tell them clearly about how much you have to spend. If you discuss with them openly then there may be a way a vendor can adjust it to fit within your budget, but you won’t know if you don’t discuss.

Keep limited events

More events mean more spending and a rise in the budget. If you’re setting multiple events for weddings, then organize one pre-wedding function and club events such as mehndi and sangeet together at the same time at the same venue. Having pre-wedding ceremonies together in one place will take your cost down.

Book in advance

As the banquet hall, wedding venue try to guzzle up when the wedding season is on the pick, it is prudent to book a venue in advance.  Along with this, keep in mind to book your decorators, caterers, photographers,  bridal makeup artists, and band party months ahead of your wedding date as it can set your budget as per your estimate. If you book any of the vendors at the eleventh hour then it is going to take a hike in your budget. Above all, there may be a possibility that the specific vendor is unavailable and you have no other choice but to book a low-profile vendor or you have to hire a vendor from outside of your city and include the transport cost of the vendors.

Prepare a rational guest list

It is a no-brainer that the more guests you invite, the more you’ll spend. Prepare a list of those guests that are really essential for you to invite. Deciding on the guest’s priority is important. Apparently, this would consider your relatives and friends. To control your budget expenses, you can stick your overall guest list to the perfect number.

Make off-season shopping

It is a great idea to start wedding shopping off-season as you have a long list of shopping outlets to make your purchase. If you might be a lucky one to get a hefty discount on your purchase. By keeping this in mind, you can buy dresses from your desired brands that have a higher price tag on them.

Choice a venue

When considering a venue, you may be surprised to know that a hefty amount goes to the venue. So, choosing the venue as per your budget estimate. If you want to book a venue on a low budget then choose those that are non-profits so tax evasion may be possible. Also, you can host your wedding and reception at the same venue and get a discount. You can choose a venue closer to your home, as it can save your expenses in hiring rental cars or buses.

Reduce expenses on Décor

It is one of the vital segments that takes a considerable amount on your budget estimate. It is budget-friendly if you choose a wedding hall as it has all basic arrangements. And when looking at the venue itself, consider how much decoration space will need – choose those venues that are already well-decorated and will need less added décor than an open or blank slate space.

Flowers are one of the main ingredients of any décor and a wedding can’t be attractive without flowers. They use the flowers wherever it is necessary otherwise don’t waste them.

Consider the catering items

Yes, food items are one of the segments on the priority list of things to look at and you more elaborate the lists, the more it will cost. To save money on your catering, you take the rate chart from your caterer and prepare the list as per your budget.

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Budget catering service

Hire budget wedding photographers

It comes to planning your wedding, wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, and a day you will never forget. So choose the budget wedding photographers for your wedding. You can hire budget wedding photographers in Kolkata as per your estimate.

Budget for a wedding is a practical approach. Proper planning can help you invest in giddy things. So, decide on the segments that have great importance.

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