Candid Wedding Photography and Traditional Wedding Photography

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Photo captures

  1. Traditional wedding photography captures events as they are supposed to be. The beauty in candid wedding photography exists in people’s natural reactions. Clicking on people in their best emotions brings out the feelings of the moment though a photo.
  2. In traditional photography, if the photo is of the newlywed couple, then they will be visible clearly. Also, they will be at the Centre of the picture. This is different from candid photography. There the photographer can decide a unique angle for capturing the couple. He may focus on a scene through a new position.
  3. And he can use the light to give a fresh look to the picture. Hence it is more creative. And good look today is most use candid photography. Traditional Photography I cannot take creative photographs that are why it is used in the field of journalism because it captures the actual situation.

Photo Quality Difference

  1. Candid photography involves taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are having their pictures taken. The photographer is always on simply capturing the scene without actively altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo. In traditional photography we are not able to take photos of unknown people because we have to speak to them to be ready, so that amazing photography is not possible.
  2. However, sometimes a photographer also has to give certain directions in order to get better pictures as apart from candid wedding photography, some posed pictures are always necessary and needs to be documented.
  3. Traditional photography is the style of photography which we all have witnessed over the first few years, where you have photographers approaching you on regular intervals at a wedding asking look here smile, please.

Background Color difference

  1. Candid Wedding Photography and Traditional Wedding Photography most important difference is picture quality. Just as the change of the back photo is the background color change where one is real and the other depicts imaginary colors, so it is used a lot in the wedding it is in the ceremony.
  2. Candid wedding photography there is good technology that makes the photo very beautiful. But At a traditional wedding we have to go to the people and speak to them, please laugh, be on your side, from which there is only one kind of photo and you are not able to take amazing photos from it That’s why all the same photo comes.
  3. Candid wedding photography we saw bride standing bride and then we saw buildings & some trees in the background, we decided to move a little bit to get into a position so that we avoid the building in the background and get only trees. Post that same advance camera setting & correct flash output so that bride pops out of the picture, also a warm tone to image blends well with the background.
  4. While we traditional wedding photography personally feels the image looks plane white looking straight into the camera with overdoes of flash. While in candid wedding photography this does not happen in photography. The reason is that we use candid photography instead of traditional photography at the wedding ceremony.

Light difference

  1. Traditional photography on the other side, this time the traditional wedding photographer does not use flash, but due to insufficient knowledge on gear will either make the picture totally flashy or dark as pictures. The ambiance color of the room & dance-floor is missing totally. Whereas, does not happen in Candidate photography because it has the option of pre-setting due to its technological advance and due to that setting all the photos come in good quality.
  2. Candid wedding photography is a mixture of the old and new. In these traditional weddings are covered in new and absolutely different shades, you get the most unexpected pictures at the end because this is how candid does it. There is no staging or posing of scenes, you are just capturing when you are indulged most in doing something else, maybe eating or smiling, or having fun or gossiping, you never know because you are not alert and the best pictures come when you are unaware, this is the beauty of candid wedding photography.
  3. In Candid wedding photography natural reactions of people are captured. In this form of photography, people are clicked in their best emotions and the feelings of that moment are brought out through the candid picture. While we are unable to do this in traditional photography, the reason is that we use candidate photography more in the wedding ceremony; it captures all the memories of our life in one photograph.

Camera Angle Difference

  1. In Candid wedding photography, couples are not photographed in a certain typed way, in fact, the photographer can come with unique angles to click the couple. To make it more creative the photographer can focus on a scene through different and absolutely new positions, sometimes the photographer loves to play with light to give the picture absolutely unique and new look. Whereas in Traditional wedding photography events are captured as per the photographer’s instructions. You have to behave or pose in a certain way as they are supposed to be in the picture. The natural touch misses in this form of photography, of course, even you have to smile, and you have to do it deliberately because you are asked to do so.
  2. Candid wedding photographs and traditional wedding photography in both cases result differently. But depending on the photographer’s skill, both styles of photography can give good results. Moreover, some photos are best when they are candid while certain parts of the wedding need traditional photography.

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