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Pixocrop has been providing professional photography services with experienced Wedding Photographers in Kolkata..The professional photographer’s team uses their proficiency with the aesthetic instinct to capture heart touching photographs and videos. We consider a new assignment is a new opportunity to create something more stunning. We capture the off-beat and candid style of photography that is filled with emotions. All the captured images and videos definitely bring memories from your special events that will last a lifetime. Pixocrop, the wedding photographers in Kolkata can assure you that every image and video snapped by us will completely steal your hearts. Our team specializes in candid photography, wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, event photography, architectural photography, portrait photography, corporate photography, fashion photography, landscape photography, food photography, staged and destination photography.

Our Professional Services

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the photography of wedding related events and activities where every event of the wedding is recorded through the camera. This photography is done to record various events and occasions throughout the day from the pre-wedding engagement session to the wedding day.

Candid Photography

Nowadays Candid wedding photography is one of the most important wedding photography. One of the best techniques in this photography is to capture real emotion through this photography. It’s about taking pictures of people who don’t know they’re being photographed. 

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a form of photography that effectively captures the personality of a person or group using light, backdrops and poses. A portrait can be given artistic or clinical inside the photograph. portrait photography is commissioned for special occasions such as weddings, college events, or commercial purposes.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a huge and endlessly beautiful natural image. All landscape photographs are usually photographs of various forms of nature that refresh the human mind. This photography is usually needed to recall personal experiences while traveling. Large mountains, jungles, rivers, seas, etc. are the features of this photography.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is usually based on the display of clothing and items. This photography is used for advertising boards and fashion magazines. With the new trend, the popularity of fashion photography is increasing. So fashion photography is very important for the fashion industry


Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Pixocrop is a team of expert photographers who have an unbridled passion for creative photography. Our snaps would not just inspire you, but also perceive your experience at the art of photography in a whole new “light”. The wedding photographers in Kolkata, capturing transient moments of happiness and framing those expressions forever.

Why should you choose us?

1. Certified Professional Photographers

We provide the best photography services because all our photographers are Certified with professional trained. All the Photographers are creative & strong Technical knowledge.

2. Best technology is used in photography

Many photography companies use old technology so that they cannot provide the best quality service. Our photographers always keep themselves updated with the latest technology so that we use new technology all the time.

3. Use Latest Equipment for Photography

The latest equipment can improve the best quality photography. So we use the best HD cameras with quality sensors, smart software for the latest album design.

4. Standard price

Many companies offer low quality photography services and the cost is much higher. We provide the best quality service with standard prices because our customer satisfaction is our first priority.

5. No compromise with quality of service

We always try to provide quality service. Unlike other companies we do not do low quality work with low prices. Our company does not compromise on the quality of work.

6. Deliver Photography Project on time

Many companies are not able to deliver their work on time. This causes a lot of inconvenience to the customer. We always try to deliver quality work to customer on time.

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Our Professional Photoshoot

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it. — Ansel Adams

Our Photographers Profiles


Professional Photographer

Partha Pratim Sarkar

Experienced : 25 Years.
Certified Of : Diploma  on Photography.
Trained : Company.
From : Kalyani, West Bengal.


Professional Photographer

Deep Talukdar

Experienced : 9 Years.
Certified Of : Video Photography Diploma.
Trained : Company.
From : Barasat, West Bengal.


Professional Photographer

Ayan Chakrabarty

Experienced : 12 Years.
Certified Of : Still Photography Diploma.
Trained : Company.
From : Ballygunge, West Bengal.

Are you a professional photographer? Would you like to join with our team?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Photography?

Photography is an image created by light falling on a light sensitive surface, it is an electronic medium such as CCD or CMOS chip. Most photographs are made using a camera, which uses the focal point to illuminate the field of apparent frequency of the scene and repeats what the natural eye can see. The cycle and practice of making photographs is called photography. Pixcrop has an expert team of photographers.

2. How much does a photographer charge?

If you want to get very good quality photography services then Pixocrop is the right place. We offer high quality service at standard price. So we don’t put any hidden charges. We have all kinds of budgets according to the needs of our customers. So call us our photographer will tell you the right budget after talking to you.

3. What are your payment terms?

We have all kinds of payment terms available. So you will get all kinds of help for your convenience.

4. How does your ordering process work?

Call us if you need any photography services. Our telecaller will book your call and our photographer will reach you immediately. Then after seeing samples of some of our services, if you are satisfied then your booking will be confirmed.

5. What kind of photographers are there?

We provide all kinds of photography services with experienced photographers. Wedding photography, Pre-wedding photography, Candidate Photography, Portrait photography, Landscape photography, Fashion photography.

6. Where Can I See Samples of Your Work?

After booking, our photographer will show you our album and you will have to select it.

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About Pixocrop

Pixocrop is the branded photography company provides creative photography and videography in a more unique way that avails every opportunity of capturing the best snap of any occasion.               

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